Klimb4Kidz (K4K) is a program of organized mountain climbing and rock climbing events. The purpose of K4K is to raise funds and awareness of the need for improved spinal health care in underprivileged countries. This is accomplished by directing K4K participants and interested parties to the Spinal Health International (SHI) mission. Sponsors have the opportunity to support each climb and its climbers which generates financial support for our medical efforts.

The mountain and rock climbing expeditions of K4K are completely independent of the nonprofit, volunteer organization of SHI. Specifically, all charitable donations to SHI are utilized exclusively for medical education, training, and volunteer efforts in designated underdeveloped countries and No SHI funds are directed to K4K.

All participants in K4K are aware that their climbing project will enhance the public awareness of SHI programs AND that their climbing and travel expenses are their personal responsibility. Mountaineering and rock climbing are risky, potentially injurious avocational pursuits which can ultimately result in death of a team member. K4K participants assume sole, personal responsibility for these risks and hazards. On the other hand, the humanitarian efforts of SHI are a worthy cause and the aesthetic, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of mountain adventure are quite gratifying and instill a keen sense of personal achievement and accomplishment for the participants in K4K exploits.  



                                    Klimb4Kidz Goes to Tanzania                               Mt.Moran